Who is it for ?

The program is a great fit for bloggers, influencers, YouTube creators etc whose audience is looking for sustainable luxurious everyday essentials.

We see a good fit for example with hairstylists, moms, beauty influencers, students, sports lovers and others with ideally more than 100k followers. The bigger is your account, the more benefits we can offer to you.

Why should I join the affiliate program?

You can earn 20% commission on sales, receive free or discounted products and get 15% off discount code.

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Manaza Mitha

Manaza Mitha

I love Kitsch, and all their amazing, high-quality products; this is what inclined me to join the Kitsch affiliate program, so that I can help influence an AMAZING brand that I love through my social media platforms while earning a commission as a bonus! For me, joining the Kitsch affiliate program is not about the money at all, but it gets me excited to help out and influence a brand that I love and wear! If you have this passion for Kitsch, their affiliate program can help you earn a commission while you enjoy some amazing perks.



I already love Kitsch products and use them on a day-to-day basis so it’s super easy to organically share about the brand! It is always so heartwarming to get notified when someone makes a purchase with my affiliate link and makes me that much more excited to keep sharing! This affiliate program truly has helped me get more and more comfortable sharing links/products as an influencer because Kitsch always sees/responds to everything I share and it’s awesome to feel like my content doesn’t go unnoticed by them!

Michele Pritchard

Michele Pritchard

I love the Kitsch affiliate program. Not only does it give me great options for products to share with my clients both in person and online but it also allows me to make a small commission. Kitsch has the best products so that I can share finds and exciting launches on my social media. I love sharing Kitsch as it helps me show up online to share things I know my audience will love!

Miyoki Laleike

Miyoki Laleike

This affiliate program is one of my favorites for many reasons, especially the creative freedom! It’s all about your love for the products, and sharing that love with the world! There are amazing perks including, PR boxes, being featured on their page/story and so much more! This program means so much to me, it’s allowed me to grow closer with my community, and it’s also so much fun to be able to simply create using their products!

FAQ's & Info

  1. How does the affiliate program work?
    As a Kitsch affiliate, you get a unique, personalized link to our website that you can share with your friends, family, & followers on social media — or anywhere! You will receive 20% commission on all valid purchases made through this link. Plus, those shopping through your affiliate link will receive a 15% discount on their order automatically applied at checkout.
  2. How does my affiliate link and code work?
    Your unique affiliate link and discount code tracks every valid sale you generate and gives a discount. You can use either the affiliate link or your discount code, they both track sales for your commission and give a discount. When you only use the affiliate link, the discount code will be applied in the cart automatically. Make sure to always share your affiliate link or discount code with your community every time you post about Kitsch! Simply add the link to your caption, include it as a swipe up link on a story, or drop it on your bio.
  3. Where can I find my affiliate link and discount code?
    You can find your affiliate link and discount code from your welcome email and from your ambassador dashboard under Promo link. You can access to ambassador dashboard from here: ambassador.mykitsch.com/login
  4. Is there an expiration date for my affiliate link and code?
    No! Your unique link and code will always be active, so long as you are an active member of the Kitsch Platform.
  5. How can I view my earnings to date?
    Check out the Sales portal to view your performance and earnings to date. If you want to estimate your earning potential with our program, please view the Earnings Forecaster.
  6. What is the $15 on my dashboard?
    This $15 is a gifted commission for you for a easy start! It's NOT a credit for free products, it's your gifted commission.
  7. What is an activation bonus?
    Since you were accepted to Kitsch Ambassador program, you have 30 days to make your first 5 sales and you can earn extra $50 on top of your 20% commission per sale. So be quick to order your discounted test products and start creating content immediately on the first week, get the content out on your social media on the second week and then you have two weeks to make your first 5 sales via your promo link to earn the activation bonus! You can track the progress on your ambassador dashboard.
  8. What is the difference between the activation bonus and the affiliate fee?
    The activation bonus is a one-time time-limited bonus while the affiliate commission fee is the main monthly remuneration for each sale that you bring via your unique Kitsch promo link.
  9. Can I the affiliate discount code for myself?
    Yes, you can!
  10. How can I get paid?
    We do affiliate commission payouts via PayPal. Please ensure your PayPal email address is linked to your account in the Settings section or under “Pay Me” section in the footer.
  11. How often do I get paid?
    The commissions equal or higher than the threshold are paid out once per month via Paypal.
  12. What means a threshold?
    Threshold is $50 that means that once you reach at least $50 dollars with your commissions, you can then cashout. For your first payout you only need to earn $35 for the $50 threshold because the gifted $15 starting bonus you have.
  13. Can I update my contact information?
    Of course! Please click on your icon in the top right corner of the portal, and select Settings. There, you can update a variety of information including your name, social handles, email address, and shipping address. It’s a good idea to keep your information as up-to-date as possible. You never know when we might need to contact you for an exciting, new initiative!
  14. I forgot my login details. What should I do?
    Simply ask for a password reset on the portal login page, or send us an email at ambassadors@mykitsch.com and we can help you out!
  15. Where can I find additional information about Kitsch accessories?
    The first place to check is our website! You can find information about all of our products and their uses, benefits, ingredients/material composition, and more at mykitsch.com. At the ambassador account, you can find “influencer posting guide” and “marketing materials” under Crafting the Perfect Post section.
  16. Can I get discounted products and how?
    Each month, we offer our affiliates the opportunity to win exclusive perks and prizes, including products from our online store! Be sure to check your email frequently in order to be the first to know when we are running an exciting initiative. You can also check out some of our best-sellers in the Ambassador Collection section from your ambassador account to pick the items you wish to order for content creation and use your own discount code to order them.
  17. How can I make a successful post about Kitsch?
    At the ambassador account, you can find "influencer posting guide" and "marketing materials" under Crafting the Perfect Post section. Please go through them for tips and tricks and examples.
  18. Am I required to post a certain amount?
    Our affiliate program is all about the love for our brand, our products, and our community. While we don’t have any posting requirements, we do strongly encourage you to post as much as you’d like, and as much as feels authentic to you. We do often look to our affiliate community when we conduct larger, paid marketing campaigns, and if you are a frequent poster and/or top earner, we will definitely notice you!
  19. Can we promote our link and code with paid ads?
    Organic promotion exclusively permitted; refrain from using paid ads across all digital platforms using the affiliate link and or personal coupon codes. Any sales resulting from paid advertisements, including platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads will not be recognized and no commission payouts will be made. This will also lead to a revocation of your affiliate membership.
  20. What if I have other questions?
    Have a question we didn’t answer here? Our team is happy to help! Email us at ambassadors@mykitsch.com, and you can expect to receive a response within 48 hours, Monday-Friday.